elcome to KnifeMasters; "home of the "World's Best Knife Sharpener".  Every outdoorsman and chef knows the value of a sharp knife!  At KnifeMasters, we understand the need to put a razor edge on every knife in a matter of minutes.  That is why we developed the KnifeMaster Pro Knife Sharpening System.  This is the exact system the pros use, all packaged up in a convenient and easy to use home sharpening kit.
KnifeMasters The World's Best Sharpener
"World's Best Sharpening System" 

KnifeMasters has a team of experts and dealers thoughout the country who attend shows and sharpen knives for their local customers. If you get a chance, stop by to get your knives sharpened and check-out the KnifeMaster Pro Sharpening System first-hand.  To find a KnifeMaster Pro near you, check out our list of dealers and locations.  If you would like to 
Knifemasters is committed to helping others learn how to sharpen knives and maintain a razor sharp edge on them for years to come.  Learn more about the "KnifeMaster Pro Sharpening System" and be sure to read our articles and watch our videos to help you become the knife sharpening expert you've always dreamed of.
Sharpen your knives like the pros!

…with the KnifeMaster “Pro Sharpening System”

Only $199.95

  • 3400 RPM belt sander
  • 80, 600, 800, & 1,000 grit belts
  • Leather stropping belt
  • Stropping compound
  • Diamond serration file
  • Safety glasses
  • On-line instructional videos

The "KnifeMaster Pro Sharpening System" has everything you need to keep all of your kitchen, pocket, and hunting knives razor sharp.  The 1" x 30" belt sander is compact and easy to use on a kitchen counter or workbench.  Our on-line how-to videos will have you sharpening like a pro the very first day.  This is the best and last sharpener you will ever need!
If you have never used or seen a belt sander sharpening system in action, you don't know what you have been missing.  Check out our many videos including shaving with knives and a hatchet, how to use this simple machine, and how this system smoked the number one rated sharpener in the world!
Watch how the KnifeMaster Pro compares to the "old" number one rated sharpener!  
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learn how you can start your own knife sharpening business and sell KnifeMasters' incredible products, check-out our knife sharpening "Business in a Box".