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Proverbs 27:17   "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
Tactical Knives

Tactical knives in today’s market spell vogue.  If the term “tactical” is included in the description of the blade you are looking at purchasing yourself one hot knife. But for those of us who don’t really know much beyond fixed blade and folding blade – Just what is a tactical knife? 
It seems the basis of the tactical knives has found its way from the police and military world where highly dependable multiuse products are the norm.  These knives for extreme situations are available for purchase to be sure, but the vast majority of knife owners, gun owners and sportsmen, are wanting a tactical knife without all the acronyms (i.e., ASEK and S.E.R.E., etc.). And what does that look like?

Arm yourself with questions well answered before you begin looking.  Consider the job you need your tactical knife to perform.  Will you be cutting rope, leather, carpet, cloth, cardboard?  Will it be used around water, or out in the field?  Do you want it for protection, to cut seatbelts, wire, or break glass?  Or do you just want to whip it out with remarkable muscularity when you hear, “I need a knife!”
The tactical knife is taking over the knife world with its smooth - get the job done - you can count on it - performance.  It has broadened the knife owner’s desire and opened the door to more all-encompassing creativity and technology, in addition to; enlarging the knife industry into new and more competing styles and designs.
To further enhance your knife owning pleasure remember a sharp knife is what it’s all about. Get a professional razor sharp edge on that new knife by mailing it to the guys who know how to put an edge on your knife.  This is knife owning extraordinaire! 

The criteria, to some degree but not in order of importance, includes some of the following:  lightweight, smooth/quick action, clips – no more digging in pockets, grip ridges on top of the blade, liner locks with grips, good steel used for the blade, a beefy handle that can stand up to the job, and a sharp snazzy appearance. Price is also a factor; however, the popularity of the tactical knife has made its appearance into every manufacturer from the big guys, to oversea manufacturers and the custom knife makers.  Thus, there are as many producing tactical knives as there are varieties for you to choose from. 

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