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Proverbs 27:17   "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
Folding Knife

Folding knife and fixed blade knife, that’s all.  Your options are narrow – or are they?  Yes, knives come only as a folding knife or a fixed blade knife, but that is where the simplicity ends.  The styles, designs, purposes (a knife to use, or a knife to collect), jobs they are to perform (kitchen, hunting, cabin, boats, fishing, medical, veterinarian, butchers, bakers, and candle stick makers…), and cost can make choosing the  right folding knife or fixed blade knife an overwhelming job, especially for the first time buyer, or beginning collector.

In the Blue Ridge Knife catalog alone there are 10,000 knives to choose from.  Choosing between the two types of knives is the easiest job.  The fixed blade knife was the preferred knife way back when, and the folding knife, later to become known as a pocket knife, found its popularity in more recent years.  But a real knife aficionado is one who has a smattering of both around the house.


Once you have a few basic questions answered you can begin to look and won’t become so overwhelmed when you begin shopping.  A gun and knife show is a great place to start.  Being able to peruse the variety will help you as you will be able to handle the knives you are interested in.  How it feels in your hand, opening and closing the blade, the overall look (nice design, handmade, USA made, foreign made), weight and size will also contribute to your final decision as to which one fits your personal style.

Let the knife you choose be one that reflects your personality in addition to the duty it will perform. Nowadays you have that option.  While it could be overwhelming, just think of it more as looking for a treasure.  When you find that perfect knife you will have hunted long enough and know you have found your own personal treasure.  Happy knife hunting!

The folding knife can be a single blade knife, double blade, triple blade, or one of the multi-use knives.  Multi-use knives don’t lend themselves to as much variety as the others.  And that will make choosing easier if that is what you are looking for. However, you need to consider what kind of locking system you want your folding knife to have, and that of course, will also depend upon the job it will perform.  The spring held blades can come closed with too much pressure.  Locking blades lend themselves to more difficult tasks and are available in different modes of locking.  Keep in mind the job your folding knife will be performing and the type of locking system needed to complete that job.
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