KnifeMasters Belt Sander Sharpening
Proverbs 27:17   "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
Belt Sander Sharpening

Belt sander sharpening has quickly become the hottest rage in knife sharpening.  Belt sander sharpening, creates a convex edge which takes off less metal than traditional sharpening and gives you a long lasting razor edge.

Below are some very important points to remember when sharpening a knife with a belt sander:

•  Always wear safety glasses when sander is running.
•  Always keep your blade pointed down while sharpening.
•  Keep blades moving fast across belts to prevent over-heating.
•  Purchase old, cheap knives from a thrift store to practice on until you are comfortable.
•  Do not leave leather stropping belts on machine.  It can cause them to stretch.
•  Charge leather belt with compound every 40-50 sharpenings.
•  You can use either side of the stropping belt depending on your preference.
•  Only use the 120 grit belt to fix broken tips or to sharpen items such as hatchets, axes, etc.
•  Tighten belts if they are flopping.
•  Replace belts if they are getting too rounded.
•  When sharpening small pocket-knives and thin blades, only use 800+ grit belts.
•  Sharpen hunting knives 20-22 degrees and filet, kitchen, & thin knives about 18-20 degrees.
•  Use same amount of strokes on each side while sharpening
•  When using a file on serrated knives, always file away from the blade.
•  Take the burr off the back side of serrations with the 1,000 grit, then the leather strop. 
•  Always use a minimal amount of pressure on the stropping belt.
•  Once your knives are sharp, you can generally bring back the razor edge, just on the strop.

If you have tried many of the various knife sharpening tools on the market with little or no success, be sure to try belt sander sharpening.  This is absolutely the finest knife sharpening system around!

Depending on the condition of your blade that needs sharpening, you generally start with a 600 grit belt to create a burr on one side of the blade.  Once you create the burr and work your blade the same number of strokes on the opposite side, you advance to 800 grit, then on to a 1,000 grit belt.  The final step of the belt sander sharpening process is to use a leather stropping belt with polishing compound.  This creates a finely honed, mirror-finished edge that is razor sharp.
"World's Best Sharpening System"