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Proverbs 27:17   "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
Knife Collecting
Knife collecting can be one of the most rewarding hobbies available.  Don’t we all like to collect something?  For the gals it could be figurines, books, glass, pottery, antiques, and probably more likely, shoes!!  Guys are a bit different.  They like things like fishing lures, rods ‘n reels, tools, guns, and/or knives.  Whatever playing piece you choose; the game plays quite similarly.  It’s the joy of hunting your treasure.  And once hooked, look-out!!!  So many – books, guns, tools, knives, etc. – so little time.

There is history to be “held” when one collects something.  Take knife collecting for instance. The knife alone can teach us about hunting, butchering, cooking, and surgery! One is able to not only see, but handle the progression of knowledge from older knives to those made today; especially when the collector’s focus is on quality knives.  However, beware; there is tremendous variation in the quality available today.  Inferior quality is ubiquitous, but too, so is quality.  The trained eye will quickly know the difference.  There is even history revealed in the cheaper models.  You know, you are even creating your own history while spending your time collecting.  Just think of the places and people you will come in contact with while on your treasure hunt, and the things you will learn on the way!

Knife collecting is a treasure hunt, and who of us don’t like to hunt!  Typically we hunt for the best in everything we do and want.  I haven’t heard anyone say, “Well, would you sell me your worst/inferior car?”  “I want a home, but it must good in bad condition!”  “I want to find a husband/wife, but I’d like to find the inferior one out there.” Of course not.  So it is with your collecting of knives.  Look everywhere – yard sales; junk shops; thrift stores; shows; e-bay; Craig’s list; etc., etc., etc.  We all know the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Again - enjoy yourself; buy what you like; love to learn; and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
Happy knife collecting!!

Knife collecting is like any other item chosen to collect. Don’t attempt to outsmart the guy who really knows his business.  Collect for the sheer joy of collecting.  But do remember: Ignorance is your worst enemy.  As your knowledge grows you will learn what kind, quality, brand name, or maker you would like to collect.   Knowledge and discernment go hand-in-hand, and as a novice you must remember you are on a learning curve.  Be generous with yourself.  But be out there looking, listening and learning as much as possible.  Find the experts and learn from them.  Most are quite happy to share their knowledge.  If not, then you are talking to the wrong person!

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