KnifeMasters Groomsmen Gifts
Proverbs 27:17   "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen gifts;  “One of the challenging aspects of getting married”.  Save the Date cards have been sent.  Bridal registrations filled out, invitations chosen, the church has been secured, and you even know where you are going on your honeymoon.  In fact, all the details have been checked off the list except for one - the groomsmen gifts.
Maybe you have even been diligent in looking, but the flasks, lighters, mugs, money clips, organizers, manicure sets, business card cases, scarves, toiletry bags, travel bags, or barbeque sets hold little appeal for your special groomsmen’s gifts. While they make great gifts you were just looking for that something a little bit different and special. And perusing through the unique groomsmen ideas you have found some way cool options, except the cost is above your limit. 
If you and your groomsmen are more of the outdoorsmen: fisherman, hunters, hikers, campers, bikers, gardeners, farmers, etc., you might consider purchasing knives for them. There is so much variation in styles, sizes and cost nowadays that you are certain to find just the right one for each individual groomsman.  Say one is a hunter – you won’t have to hunt long to find the right knife.  Another groomsman is a black belt fisherman?  The available variety will make your head swim!  Yet another enjoys cooking all that game and fish?  A fine kitchen knife would please his palate. 

What about Mr. Handy-man groomsman?  The Multi-Tool comes in so many shapes and sizes it will keep him busy for days using each tool.  And for the Has-Everything groomsman (including knives) purchase the newest knife sharpener, there are always new ones on the market.  Maybe even a new steak knife set for your groomsman and family to enjoy – and you too when you and your new bride are invited for dinner. Take a look at gift sets available, like one with a knife, leather belt sheath, sharpening stone and honing oil – all gift boxed. Tactical knives are the big guns in the market today.  Maybe your guys would relish the newest innovative tactical knife.
Or perhaps, for the not so outdoorsy groomsmen in your wedding party something a bit more subtle and quiet.  Maybe well-made matching pocket knives.  You could choose a pocket knife encasing one or two blades (even more if you’d like) with beautiful bone handles, wood handles, mother of pearl handles or India Stag Bone handles.  Another idea could be Wildlife Series Sets with the knife presented in handsome display boxes. You might prefer choosing identical knives for your groomsmen then getting them personally engraved.  Maybe the little key chain knives will be the ticket to your best-ever groomsmen gifts.

Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong visiting a well-supplied knife store in town or online.  The deal is out there, you just have to find it. Find a company that offers the variety you are looking for with the added service of razor edge sharpening.  Give your groomsmen a double gift – a great knife plus a razor edge sharpening.

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